HumBEE Nasality and Air Emission Visual Feedback


HumBEE is a handheld feedback tool for monitoring nasal air emission during speech production.

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HumBee is a handheld visual feedback device for monitoring nasal air emission during speech production.  HumBee can be used to assess and treat patients with hypernasality caused by cleft palate, injury, or functional loss.  The device comes in two models.  The HumBee Pro   measures 8” in height and comes as a set with two decals, two additional nasal tips and two foam indicators (one with and one without small bee). The decal of choice can be adhered.  The   HumBee Single measures 6” and has an attached decal, a foam indicator with a small bee on top. It does not come with additional nasal tips or foam indicators.

When in use, the nasal tip is placed to one nostril.  When sounds that are nasalized are produced (/m/, /n/ and /ng/), the foam indicator will be displaced by the air emitted through the nose and rise in the tube.  However, when non-nasal sounds are produced there should be no movement of the indicator.  To test the unit before starting speech drills, the client is asked to “hum” with the HumBee placed on one nostril.  The indicator should respond by elevating.  When the word “bee” is produced, the indicator should not move.

Because the HumBee provides immediate visual feedback of nasal emission during speech drill, most clients easily learn what the foam indicator elevating means.  Long explanations are not needed.  Visualizing his or her productions facilitates the client’s ability to modify and discriminate.

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HumBee Single Use Kit, HumBee Pro Use Kit, HumBEE Nasal Tip Replacements (2), HumBEE Foam Indicator