SwallowMIST ™ by TheraSIP


Provides fine mist for swallowing practice and moisturizing the oral mucosa.

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SwallowMIST by TheraSIP provides a safe way to practice swallows. The unit emits a fine mist to help to moisten the mouth either prior to swallow exercises or as a means of practicing dry swallow initiation.  SwallowMIST works well for patients with dysphagia or for patients who are designated nothing-by-mouth except for ice chips. Once the unit is filled 2/3rds with water, SwallowMIST is pressurized by pumping. Once pressurized, the unit is activated by pressing the button. One short press provides less than 1mL of water; held down longer the unit will produce a prolonged mist and increase the amount dispensed.

SwallowMIST provides a safe manner of practicing swallows since the fine mist will be comparable to the amount of saliva in a dry swallow. For individual use only. Comes with instructions for use. Wash well prior to use.

SwallowMIST™ works well as part of a preventative swallowing program for head and neck patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy.

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Weight .082 kg
Dimensions 27.94 × 11.43 × 6.35 cm

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