Tongue strengthening for improved strength and swallowing pressures.

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  • Strengthen the tongue to improve swallowing
  • Designed for adults but may be used in pediatrics
  • Can be sent home with the client for additional practice


TonguePRESS® is a clinically developed therapy tool for strengthening the tongue for improved swallowing. Developed to complement the IOPI by offering a home exercise unit for tongue pressing. Based on research (Robbins et al.) supporting the use of tongue press to increase swallowing pressures and tongue strength, TonguePRESS® incorporates the principles of exercise and resistance training for improved swallowing abilities.

TonguePRESS® is filled with water and adjusted by loosening or tightening the valve. The water-filled bulb is placed on the tongue and pressed against the hard palate. The greater the client presses, the higher the indicator rises. By practicing repetitively, the client increases strength.

TonguePRESS® can be sent home with the client to practice thereby expanding the benefits of direct treatment and reducing the cost of care. The exercise is performed three times daily for adults with frequency modified for children.

For individual use.

TonguePRESS® Developed and patented in the USA by Kathleen Smead. Patent US9149681B2

WARNING: California’s Proposition 6



FILL TONGUEPRESS FOR YOUR PATIENT. There are two methods of filling the unit.

Method 1:

The unit is not sterile. Clean with soap and warm water.

Unscrew the end of the gray valve and fill by placing the valve opening under running tap water. Squeeze the bulbs alternately to remove air bubbles and help fill the tubes completely with water.  Once filled, screw the valve back on approximately ½ way.  Do not over-tighten the valve.  Caution:  There are two O-rings inside the valve that can get jammed out of place if the valve is screwed on carelessly causing the unit to leak.  Should this occur, use a toothpick to remove the O-rings and re-install them properly. The unit should be drained and cleaned biweekly at a minimum.

Method 2:  
  • The unit is not sterile. Clean with soap and warm water.
  • Remove the bulb on the short tube.
  • Using running water, fill the tube by squeezing the other bulb.
  • Before re-attaching the bulb, fill it also with water.
  • Repeat the procedure with the long tube.
  • Squeeze the short end bulb to help fill up the long end.
  • Fill the bulb and re-attach it to the long tube.
  • Carefully adjust the valve.
  • If the valve is too tight or unevenly screwed, the tool may leak.
  • Squeeze the bulbs to adjust the indicator so that it falls into position at the bottom of the long tube before the exercise is initiated
  • Water can remain in the tool between exercise sessions but should be changed weekly
  • Biting on the bulb will cause pin-hole leaks
  • TonguePRESS® bulbs must be completely filled with water to get reliable gains.

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