Tongue strengthening for improved strength and swallowing pressures.

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Tongue strengthening for improved strength and swallowing pressures.


  • Strengthen the anterior and posterior tongue to improve swallowing
  • Designed for adults but may be used in pediatrics
  • Can be sent home with the patient for additional practice


TonguePRESS® is a clinically developed therapy tool for strengthening the tongue for improved swallowing. The new design allows for exercising the anterior tongue and the posterior tongue.

TonguePRESS is developed to complement the IOPI by offering a home exercise unit for tongue pressing and is based on research (Robbins et al.) supporting the use of tongue press to increase swallowing pressures and tongue strength.

TonguePRESS® incorporates the principles of exercise and resistance training for improved swallowing abilities.

Prior to use, the device must be filled with water and adjusted by loosening or tightening the valve. The water-filled bulb is placed on the tongue and pressed against the hard palate. The greater the client presses, the higher the indicator rises.  The exercise recommendation is 30 presses three times daily for adults with frequency and duration modified by the attending clinician.

TonguePRESS’s design allows for anterior tongue exercise by placing the bulb on the anterior dorsum.


The new design now works the posterior tongue exercise by having the user gently bite down on the short, flattened tube in front of the bulb which positions to bulb more posteriorly.



To prepare TonguePRESS for use, clean the bulbs with soap and warm water. The unit is not sterile.  To fill the unit, unscrew and remove the valve stem.  Place the valve opening under running water and squeeze the bulbs to fill the entire unit.  Replace the valve stem and screw it in approximately halfway.  If properly filled, the unit should not leak.

For individual use.

TonguePRESS® Developed and patented in the USA by Kathleen Smead. Patent US9,149,681

WARNING: California’s Proposition 6

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