Stainless-steel gel-filled applicator for use with oral stimulation and/or tactile-thermal stimulation.

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ThermalSTIM PLUS is the ThermalSTIM unit with an added light for improved visibility when stimulating the swallow or performing oral stimulation. Comes with a disposable penlight and is able to hold a standard medical penlight. Instructions for use are provided along with a checklist of other swallowing exercises. The penlight should be removed when the unit is stored in the freezer for a minimum of four hours prior to use. Comes in long and short size.

  • ThermalSTIM is made of food-grade stainless steel with double-sided walls.
  • Liquid-filled with freezer gel
  • Smooth edges for safe application of tactile-thermal stimulation


The Swallowing Activator is used for Tactile-Thermal Stimulation (TTS) to enhance bilateral cortical and brainstem activation of the swallow.
TTS is used in patients with neurogenic dysphagia particularly associated with sensory deficits. TTS should be combined with other swallowing exercises or alternated between such exercises.
The TTS swallowing activator should be chilled in a freezer for 4 hours and submerged in cold ice water before use.
The chilled activator is then applied to the anterior faucial pillars by stroking or rubbing as shown. This is followed by having the patient initiate a swallow.

The activator should be kept chilled for each application. TTS research has hypothesized that touch and cold stimulation alerts the neuropathways resulting in a more rapid triggering of the pharyngeal swallow.

Keep ThermalSTIM in the freezer for approximately 4 hours or more before use. Wet the activator prior to use. Do not apply when frosted.

Can be used with or without silicone tip. The tip prevents accidental application without wetting the applicator.


Preferred use with individual patients.

After use, remove tip to clean. Wash well with soap and hot water, dry and refreeze. Reuse.

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