CTAR® BALL, THE ORIGINAL Chin Tuck Against Resistance


Strengthen suprahyoid muscles to improve upper esophageal sphincter (UES) opening.

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This product is based on research by Yoon WL et al. (2014), “New Method For Enhancing Suprahyoid Activity Using a Shaker-type Exercise”.

CTAR Ball ® Chin Tuck Against Resistance is a swallowing rehabilitation method used for enhancing suprahyoid muscle activity in lieu of using a sustained head lift (Shaker-type) exercise. Use of the CTAR BALL works to help with the opening of the upper esophagus which allows food to enter the stomach. It works well with elderly clients and for those with neck difficulties who are unable to do the sustained head lift. The CTAR BALL can be used for both isometric (sustained) and isokinetic (sustained) exercises. It also can be used for jaw rehabilitation- JOAR Jaw Opening Against Resistance exercises. Included is a wallet-sized instructional card which can be written on to designate the prescribed number of exercises the clinician recommends for the patient. The balls are not sterile. Disinfectant wipes may be used but the ball should be cleaned using warm soap and water afterward. Inflation PSI can be maintained with a standard air pump. The balls are 12cm in diameter as specified in the research. According to the researcher, the size is not as important as the resistance. Size and comfort can be addressed by increasing or decreasing the air pressure.

CTAR Ball is a valuable tool for post-radiation pharynogise programs as well as for the treatment of patients with dysphagia of other etiologies.

The Original CTAR ball is made of vinyl. Although rare, some individuals are allergic to vinyl.  If any skin response is seen, discontinue use immediately. 

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Weight .062 kg
Dimensions 11.43 × 11.43 × 11.43 cm

Single ball, Set of 3 balls, Set of 20 balls, Pump

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