LaryngeLIFT™ by TheraSIP


Resistance tool to increase laryngeal elevation and strengthen laryngeal musculature for improved swallowing.

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Laryngeal elevation and vocal fold closure

Larynx-lifting exercises are commonly performed to help improve swallowing in individuals experiencing dysphagia. LaryngeLIFT is a tool that incorporates resistance to strengthen the elevation.  By producing a high-pitched voice into the device, LaryngeLIFT works against the larynx’s effort to elevate.

The use of the device increases the mobility and elevation of the larynx and strengthens the muscles necessary for swallowing and airway protection.

First, the patient is instructed in falsetto voice exercises which involve sliding up the pitch scale as high as one can to produce a squeaky voice. Then the patient performs the same falsetto exercise using the LaryngeLIFT.  The LaryngeLIFT offers 5 levels of resistance by moving the red insert further into the tube covering more holes as the task difficulty increases.

Voice against the resistance helps to align the true vocal folds more appropriately and exerts a downward air pressure making the exercise more challenging.  The pressure against the movement of the larynx as it rises improves strength and mobility.

LaryngeLIFT comes with a set of exercises, a cleaning brush, and instructions for use.

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Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 26.67 × 11.43 × 5.08 cm

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