VocalSTRAW™ by TheraSIP


The VocalSTRAW uses resistance (SOVT) to improve vocal quality, range, and fatigue.



VocalSTRAWS are for voice rehabilitation using Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract (SOVT)exercises. This set comes with four telescoping straws which are easily cleaned and a printed chart of voice exercises to augment any voice therapy program. Ideal for patients with vocal fatigue. The set can be prescribed with assigned exercises.

VocalSTRAW is a stainless steel tube with five small bored holes. To close off the holes without using your fingers, a plastic white tube inserts inside of it.

To make exercises more difficult, the white tube is inserted further to close off more holes.

To make exercises easier, the kit comes with another plastic tube with an open end. Replacing the closed white tube with the open-ended ones makes the resistance less so the exercises are easier.

VocalSTRAW comes with an exercise regimen, case, lanyard, and cleaning brush.

This product is great for:

  • singers for voice exercise and warm-up drills
  • Individuals with voice decay from age including vocal fold bowing, thickening or thinning of the folds
  • Instructors and other professionals who use and rely on their voice as part of their occupation
  • voice disordered individuals who suffer from misuse or overuse of their voice leading to unpleasant or weak quality
  • individuals who suffer from vocal fatigue, vocal fry quality, lowered pitch, or strain

What does VocalSTRAW SVOT do?

Semi Occluded Vocal Tract (SOVT) is a set of vocal exercises designed to train the posturing of the vocal folds. Traditionally, SOVT exercises increase the resistance in the throat when voicing is produced through various sized tubes. By singing or voicing through tubes or straws, back pressure is created against the vocal folds. This backpressure helps the vocal folds vibrate with less effort, expand pitch range, improve breath management and position the vibrating folds for the most efficient use.

VocalSTRAW uses SOVT but instead of a series of different sized tubes or straws, it uses a stainless steel tube with engineered holes that are closed off by adjusting a sliding tube to create backpressure. It is used by singers for warm-ups, by vocal coaches to improve singing and by voice therapists in the treatment of voice disorders. VocalSTRAW helps decrease the constriction of the larynx and surrounding muscles caused by misuse, over-use, and vocal fatigue. VocalSTRAW can also improve the”aged” voice, the weakened voice, and other voice problems such as bowed vocal folds.

Additional information

Weight .288 kg
Dimensions 30.48 × 17.78 × 7.62 cm

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