TheraSTRAW Assessment Pack


TheraSTRAWS are straws to assess and provide the safest delivery system for thin liquids.

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TheraSTRAWS are a set of straws of various sizes for assessment and prescription of the safest straw size for intake of thin liquids. Our set of TheraSTRAWS includes four graduated therapeutic drinking straws, which limit bolus size. The white straw is the outer straw and the other straws telescope into it.  The clear straw has the interior diameter of a cocktail straw and can be inserted

into the white outer straw.  The gray and the blue straws fit into the clear straw. The interior of the gray straw is 50% smaller than a cocktail straw and the blue straw is 75% smaller than a cocktail straw.


WHITE        – Large Outer Straw

CLEAR       – Cocktail Sized Interior Diameter

GRAY         – 50% Smaller Cocktail Straw

BLUE          – 75% Smaller Cocktail Straw


  • TheraSTRAWS™ may be used for bedside assessment or as part of thin liquid assessment during MBS or FEES.
  • Assessment begins with the extra-small BLUE straw that significantly limits the bolus size.
  • Compensatory strategies should be explored using the BLUE straw.
  • If aspiration occurs using the extra-small BLUE straw, regardless of compensatory strategies, assessment of thin liquids is terminated.
  • If no aspiration occurs with the BLUE straw, each of the straws can be assessed with the goal of finding the safest, most functional straw for thin liquid intake.
  • The patient should be prescribed the safest straw identified by assessment.
  • TheraSTRAWS™ are designed for thin liquids only.
  • TheraSTRAWS™ are for individual use.
  • TheraSTRAWS™ may be cleaned daily using an ear syringe and warm soapy water but should not be shared between patients

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