Therapeutic straws which limit the size of the bolus for safe thin liquid intake.

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  • Controls the size of the sip
  • Can be used in assessment and prescribed for use
  • For individual use


TheraStraws II helps patients manage thin liquids. The straws are engineered to limit the size of thin fluid intake.

TheraStraws II come in single sets and a 3-pack. The cartridges are sold in boxes of 24 and 48.

The single set comes with an angled stainless steel straw and a pack of straw cartridges in clear, gray, and blue. Three cartridges of each size are included. Each cartridge fits into the stainless straw to restrict the flow. The clinician assesses which size straw-cartridge restricts flow the best for the patient. The selected cartridge is then prescribed for the safest intake of thin liquids. The interior diameters of the clear straws are comparable to the size of standard cocktail-stir straws. The gray’s interior diameter is approximately 50% smaller and the blue’s diameter is approximately 75% smaller than cocktail stir straws. TheraSTRAWS II come in a variety of sets for institutional facilities.


These sets and replacement Cartridges are available for purchase.

Clean before use.

The straws can be cleaned for reuse with soap, water, and the included brush. The cartridges may be best cleaned using an ear syringe with soap and water.

Not for use with thickened liquids.

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Single set, 3-pack

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