Oral Motor Exerciser For Reducing Drooling and Improving Chewing of Solid Foods

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RocketSIP is a fun and challenging oral exercise tool for improving lip and cheek strength in children.  Improved lip strength works to manage saliva leakage and helps with myofunctional therapy goals from creating and maintaining a healthy orofacial alignment.  Exercising with

RocketSIP also facilitates the strength of the cheeks for better control of solid foods when chewing.

RocketSIP uses tiny straws which require considerable effort to ensure that exercising will press the user’s muscles beyond normal levels and provide sufficient work hardening necessary for strengthening.  The straws come in three different sizes to increase the difficulty and three curly straws for reinforcement. The rocket can be filled with water or flavored beverages.

RocketSIP is an excellent addition to a comprehensive oral motor therapy program.  In addition to strength building of the lips and cheeks, RocketSIP encourages proper tongue position for swallowing.

RocketSIP is recommended for children 3-12 years depending on the degree of their disabilities.
As part of an oral-motor exercise regime, use of RocketSIP is for those children with weakness of their cheeks and lips leading to spillage of foods and liquids.
The tool can be used with older individuals with developmental disabilities.  Children who refuse certain foods or who are in a feeding program can use the
device as a means of offering different flavors and allowing them to participate in treatment as textures are introduced.  It can be used with children
with tongue thrust to strengthen lips by encouraging use of the lips rather than the tongue to suck and swallow.  Children who are combative or unable to cooperate may not be the
best candidates.  Modification of straw sizes may be necessary for children with severely reduced ability to suck..

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