TheraSTRAW Complete is a set of TheraSTRAWs and a two-handled cup for improved stability.

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TheraSTRAW COMPLETE CUP offers a set of TheraSTRAWs and a two-handled cup for improved stability when weakness or tremor affects the ease of drinking from a cup. The cup’s therapeutic straws limit the size of the sips.  TheraSTRAWs have increasingly smaller interior diameters that telescope into each other. These straws are commonly used by clinicians to determine the “safest option” for thin liquid intake. TheraSTRAWs restrict the size of each thin liquid sip.  When thin liquids are difficult to swallow, limiting each swallow’s size can make intake safer. The smaller diameter straws fit inside a large white straw and the cup comes with two lids that have been retrofitted to fit the TheraSTRAWs.  TheraSTRAW COMPLETE CUP is an all-in-one solution for patients with swallowing challenges.


  • Set of five straws of varying interior diameters
  • Straws for thin liquids
  • Straw for thicker liquids
  • Ability for use with warm and cold liquids
  • Two lid styles that are retrofitted to fit the TheraSTRAWS
  • Two-handle crystal clear plastic cup for improved stability and content to be seen at all times.
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe.
  • Adaptive cup for children or adults.